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302 Xero Endure Cz

Style: #MWFU7EC3

$339.50 $339.50



The 302 Xero Endure is designed for incredible performance in all types of conditions. That's why we call it the all-rounder. Designed with our exclusive Xero Foam, his unique material out performs all other neoprenes on any level. Its oxygenated process creates a neoprene sponge that's softer, more flexible and warmer than its competitors. Featured throughout our entire Xero wetsuit line, you can expect your next session to be one of your very best. The full suit offers superior warmth and is ideal for water temps ranging from 55 degrees to 65 degrees. Imported.


  • Xero foam, welded external seam construction, dry max furnace lining, contour grip skin collar that prevents chaffing, a dislocating chest zip for easy ins and outs, airlite superflex split neo tape, strategic paddle panels for maximum flexibility, liquid dipped silicon wrist cuffs that provide a tight pressure seal, fused wrist cuff edges to better seal the cuffs, pre bent back knees for enhanced comfort, 3D moulded supratex knee pads for added flexibility.


  • Airlite S Flex Superflex Neoprene